Our dog and cat treats:
made and eaten with love.

In collaboration with SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS.

We don’t promise quality.
We put it in our products.

See for yourself

Mandy and Pocket

It’s great my former shelter dog (a so-called listed dog) was chosen and not excluded because of his breed. My dogs love Dokas treats. Since Pocket has allergies (dyes and preservatives), these treats are perfect. My eyes got watery when I saw the first packages and was proud to see my dog advertising for such a great product!

Melanie and Sam

Sam loves Dokas treats because they simply taste great and are healthy on top of it! We look for natural products, which is what makes Dokas snacks absolutely perfect. And then seeing Sam on the packaging, we simply have to buy the Dokas treats!

Christina and Bailey

We’re absolutely thrilled our Whippet Bailey was chosen for the new packaging design! We’ve been waiting anxiously see them in stores and right away bought an entire bag and handed them out to Bailey’s friends. They all loved them – Bailey’s favorite is Chicken & Sweet Potato.

Melissa and Maya

I’ve always paid close attention to the top quality ingredients when buying treats for my dogs. And those two are picky! Luckily I discovered the variety of Dokas. I feel good and the dogs love it!

Katja and Easton

We were so excited to hear our Easton was chosen to model for the new Dokas packaging. When it comes to food, we pay very close attention to good quality and an attractive design. We believe Dokas did a great job combining the two. We have already tested the entire Dokas range extensively and are absolutely thrilled with the selection and the great packaging. And most importantly: Easton likes it!