Only high-quality products improve the life quality of pets and contribute to their well-being.

With this in mind, we have developed an exciting selection of snacks over the last few years which we are constantly striving to complement with innovative new products. Our diverse range offers you the perfect snack for any situation, whether it's for playing and training, or keeping your pet busy with something to chew on for hours on end. Through our snacks we want to strengthen the relationship between pets and their owners, and make sure that they enjoy a long, happy life together. In the meantime, our snacks have become popular on both a national and international level.

The history of DOKAS

DOKAS was founded in Essen in 2006. Since the very beginning, we have been passionate about improving the lives of dogs and cats, and try our best to develop premium snacks that both pets and their owners will love.

The world of DOKAS has always been as colourful as the life you lead with your dog or cat. For our customers, this has always meant an ever-expanding range with diverse products, from quickly-consumed rewards, to treats that can be chewed on for hours on end. DOKAS represents progress. As a creative company, we are constantly on the lookout for snacks that are even more delicious, even more convenient and made with even more love. It's not just our end customers who look forward to these innovations, but also different trademarks, for whom we now develop products.

DOKAS – Your favourite snacks for your favourite pets

Innovation through creativity

We are dedicated to always being one paw ahead of the game when it comes to producing dog and cat snacks. This means that we are constantly on the lookout for new innovations. That doesn’t mean that we chase after every trend. Instead, we check out new products, review each and every detail, and then decide whether or not they fulfil the high requirements our pets and customers demand.

As colourful as life itself.

Anyone who owns a dog or cat loves the fun new world their pet exposes them to. Something new happens every day, and we laugh, mess around and cuddle with our four-legged friends. Never knowing what’s going to happen next is exactly what makes having a pet so exciting. In our opinion, a varied and versatile diet is part of this. We have the right snack for every occasion.