DOKAS stands for the joy of the relationship between humans and animals.

This also includes respectful interaction: with other living beings and with the environment in which we live.

Every person and every company has a responsibility. Not only when it comes to our customers, but also in the sense of all those who live on this earth and use its resources.

We attach great importance to animal welfare and sustainable production processes.

True to the motto “The beginning is half of the whole”, we are proud to improve a little here every day.

We are still far from reaching our goal. But we are well on the way there.

Anyone who buys a fish product with the blue MSC seal becomes part of a positive chain of effects that helps to protect the productivity and health of our oceans.

DOKAS uses fish from MSC-certified fisheries in various snacks and, thus, participates in the protection of fish stocks through sustainable fishing.

Best quality for our customers

Customers trust us and rightly expect the best product quality. We take this responsibility very seriously. That is why DOKAS dog and cat snacks are subject to regular quality control by SGS Institut Fresenius.

Climate-Neutral Parcel Transport

By transporting our parcels CO2-neutrally with dpd, we are making an important contribution to climate protection.

Show attitude

Award for Higher Welfare Rabbit Farming

The "Good Rabbit Commendation" recognises companies that use higher welfare systems for meat rabbits or undertake to do so (within five years).

Compassion in World Farming was the first animal welfare organisation to award us for our higher welfare rabbit farming.

Join in!

Would you like to live more sustainably and help us to take responsibility? When buying, look for official labels and seals of approval such as those from MSC, “The Good Rabbit” (in German: “Das Werte Kaninchen”) or the SGS Institut Fresenius.